Zeleny Yar Mummies
Human Mummy
Inside side view of the mummy

Side view of one of the mummies that was excavated

Biographical Information
Name(s) Zeleny Yar Mummies
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 1282
Site Zeleny Yar
Current Location
Location Russia
Catalog # Unknown


Inside book scan mans face

Close-up of excavated mummy

In July of 2015 two mummies were excavated from a site near Salekhard, Russia. The first mummy that was found was assumed to be a child or teenager from the 12th or 13th century. There have been discoveries at Zeleny Yar in the past that point to a medieval civilization which has yet to be fully understood.

At this location, 11 bodies have been discovered with missing or fractured skulls and bones, and 5 mummies were found shrouded similarly to the most recent discovery in a copper 'cocoon'. The feet of the mummies at this site all were placed in a way where their feet were pointing towards the Gorny Poluy river, which has been known to have religious significance. One of the mummies dated back to 1282, however it is also believed that the others could be older.


These mummies are believed to have been accidentally mummified by a 'cocoon' containing copper mixed with environmental conditions.


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