Zeleny Yar Child Warrior
Biographical Information
Name(s) Child Warrior
Age 6-7
Sex male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture possibly from Northern Sibera
Date(s) Unknown
Site Zeleny Yar
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # Unknown

A child aged 6-7 years old, wearing child-size bronze axe and bear pendant from the site Zeleny Yar necropolis, close to the Siberian Arctic. Child appears to be male, as belongings consist of a bronze axe and an unidentifiable sharp tool. Items found with the body include an axe, pendant, and rings, suggesting the boy was from wealthy descent.

Information items 3341


Body almost completely mummified with copper or bronze plates, except the right hand and legs. Covered in birch bark. Body was wrapped in layers of fur.


- Alexander Gusev, research fellow at the Centre for the Study of the Arctic

- Archeologist Natalia Fyodorova


Inside opening close up
'Mummy of a child warrior from 'lost medieval civilisation' (n.d.). Retrieved March 10, 2017, from

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