Zahra Aboutalib's baby
Biographical Information
Name(s) Zahra's baby
Age 0 years old
Sex undetermined
Height 42 cm
Culture Moroccan
Date(s) 1922-1975 (duration of baby inside womb)
Current Location
Location Casablanca
Catalog #

Biography Edit

In 1955, Zahra Aboutalib was pregnant with her first child in Casablanca. When she went into labour at a hospital, she witnessed a lady who gave birth and died. She feared that she would die as well, and as a result, she left the hospital and never gave birth.According to her Moroccan culture, she believed that a baby can sleep inside the mother. She ended up adopting three children and many years later became a grandmother.

Extra large-1464366520-1630-calcified-fetus-found-in-woman-after-more-than-50-years


When Zahra turned 75 years old, she started to experience pain in her abdomen. The baby who died many decades ago had calcified in her uterus. This occurs when the body is unable to remove a dead fetus and in order to protect the human body from infection caused by decomposing tissue. Therefore, the fetus mummified, becoming a "stone baby." The fetus was eventually removed from her body.


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