The Zargreb was brought over to Croata by Mihajlo Baric in 1848 where he display it in the corner of his house and unwrapped it from its linen. This mummy is interesting because it is not famous for being a mummy. The linen wrapped around this Ptolemaic Egyptian mummy is actually an ancient Etruscan text known as the "Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis" or "Linen Book of Zageb". These writing were found after the death of Baric when his brother who inherited it sold it to the Archaeological Museum of Zagreb in 1867. It was here that German Egyptologist Heinrich Brugsch and British explorer Richard Burton figured out that the linen was a transliteration of the Egyptian Book of the Dead in Arabic. They were wrong and it 1891, after close examination in Vienna, a man named Jacob Krall discovered that the writing was actually Etruscan, he was able to place the linen in proper order but was unable to translate it due to the lack of knowledge we have on the Etruscan language. There was, however, a scroll found with her body that was translated and indentify her as an Egyptian woman Nesi-hensu. She was the wife of Paher-hensu, a Theban 'divine tailor'. It is strange that an Egyptian woman would be buried in an Etruscan text so scholars believe Nesi-hensu and the linen are not connected and it was probably the only linen they could get their hands on. And because of this, the Liber Linteus is the oldest and one of the longest known Etruscan texts we have.


Liber Linteus

Zargreb Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesi-hensu
Age 3rd Century
Sex Female
Status unknown
Height unknown
Culture Egyption
Date(s) Unknown
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Archaeological Museum of Zagreb
Catalog # Unknown


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