Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Zagreb
Age NA
Sex male
Status dead
Height NA
Culture Croatian
Date(s) 250–100 BCE
Site Slavonia
Current Location
Location Croatia
Catalog #


This famous Egyptian mummy, recently entirely restored, was wrapped in sliced bands of the linen book of Zagreb, the longest preserved text known in the Etruscan language. The mummy was also accompanied, as part of the funerary goods of the deceased woman, by a papyrus with a text of several chapters from the Book of the Dead.

The papyrus, written in hieratic, was damaged, but from the legible sections it could be deciphered that the name of the mummified woman was Nesi-hensu, and that she was the wife of Paher-hensu, a "divine tailor" from Thebes.

In 1998, Dr. Nazzareno Gabrielli from the Institute of Scientific Research of the Vatican Museum undertook a complicated restoration, preserving the body of the mummy from further decay.




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