Yuya the Egyptian Mummy
Human Mummy
Yuya Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Yuya
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Height Unkown
Culture Ancient Egyptian Religion
Date(s) --
Site --
Current Location
Location Thebes, Egypt
Catalog #


Yuya was an Egyptian Courtier during the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. He was married to a women who went by the name of Thuya and had two children named Tiye and Anen. He was a crucial counselor for for Amenhotep III, and held posts, such as the "Master of the Horse". Additionally, Yuya was a prophet of the chief god Min.


Yuya was buried in a tomb in Thebes, Egypt. He lies with his wife Thuya in the Valley of the Kings. Even though the tomb has unfortunately been infiltrated by robbers, they both lie in their nests of coffins peacefully to to this date.


The Egyptian Courtier was rapped in torn linen wrappings.


The death of Yuya is unknown.

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