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|name =Yuya

|age =Mid 50s

|sex =Male

|status =King's Lieutenant, Master of the Horse, Father-of-the-God

|height =Unknown

|culture =Ancient Egyptian Religion

|dates =18th Dynasty. About 1390 B.C.

|site =Egypt

|location =Valley of the Kings

|catalogue = Unknown }}



Yuya is an ancient Egyptian mummy who was found with his wife Tuya in the Valley of the Kings in 1905. Tutya was from noble family and was associated with the royal family so they were of high status and went on to have children who were also of high status. There is evidence they had two children, Tiya, who became the Royal Wife of Amenhotep III and a son named Anen. It is also possible they had a second son named Ay who was a noble and because a Paraoah. The tomb of Yuya and Tuya was the biggest discovery in the Valley of the Kings until the discovery of the tomb of King Tut. They were preserved well and relatively undistorted despite the fact that their tombs had been robbed.


Yuya and his wife were found in tomb KV 46 in the Valley of the Kings. it was evident that they were of high status because they were two of the few non-royals buried there. They were buried in sarcophaguses which had been sorted through by robbers who were trying to find valuables. They were buried along with many of their valuable possessions and symbolic items. Yuya's body was wrapped in bandages and embalmed. His body was filled with balls of linen soaked in resins, his eyelids were pulled closed and his eye sockets were stuffed with linen. A cage of plaster which was inscribed and covered with gold foil surrounded him to hold his body in place.


The cause of death is unknown but it is believed that he dies before his wife, Tuya.

==Additional Info==

There has been a proposed connection between Yuya and the hebrew patriarch Joseph but this theory has been subject to much criticism. He went by many names, such as Yiya, Yaa, Yuy, and Louiya but the reason for this is unknown.

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