Yingpan Man

Biography Edit

Yingpan Man mummy was discovered in 1995 in the Tarim Basin of the Xinjiang province of China. He dates back to around the fourth or early fifth century A.D. Yingpan Man was a Caucasian male who is noted as being one of the tallest discovered mummies, as he measures over six feet tall. He had brown hair that was worn in a sort of knot, or bun, on the top of his head. Yingpan Man's Caucasian appearance came as a shock to those who first discovered the body, as he appeared more so to be of European race as opposed to Asain. This shock resulted in a delayed release of his discovery.

Pathology Edit

Yingpan Man died at a fairly young age, around his mid-thirties. However, it is not clear as to how he died and whether or not it was of natural cause.

Additional Information Edit

Yingpan Man was discovered with a white mask upon his face, with a golden diadem across the upper forehead. In addition to this, the clothing he wore was of red, deep purple and gold colour. They comprised of a belted woollen craftan, a pair of embroidered pants and decorative footwear. The material and colour of his clothing display wealth. This is a reflection of the area where he was discovered, and how at the time of his existence it was a part of the "Silk Road". The Silk Road served as a connection between China and the Mediterranean world. It is believed that his clothing is an example of what would have been woven in the Eastern Roman Empire, and traded to the Tarim Basin. Due to the fact that he was buried with this clothing, it has been presumed that he not only was a man of wealth, but one of the tradesman along the Silk Road.

References Edit

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