Worsley Man
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Worsley Man(Real name unknown)
Age 20-30
Sex M
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Possibly Romano-British Celt
Date(s) Around 120 AD
Site Peat bog
Current Location
Location Salfoord, near Worsley
Catalog #

Biography Edit

The Worsley man was found in August of 1958, by a group of men digging peat in an area of chat moss near Worsley, hence the name of the discovered remains. The only remains they found from this man was a mummified head. After many tests, it was discovered that this man's head had been buried there for at least 100 years. After a thorough inspection in 1987, the mummified head revealed many traumas. There was a wound behind the right ear, a fracture on thee top of the skull, and a cut through the vertebrae displaying that the man had been beheaded. There were are remains of a garotte (wire or cord used to strangle/hang someone) found around his neck.


The Worsley man was found to be buried for at least 100 years. He was discovered in a Salford peat bog, a place where natural mummification can occur. The mummification occurs when the chemistry in the bog meets the right conditions. They must have acidic, oxygen-poor conditions, which are made up in layers of dead moss.

Pathology and Additional InformationEdit

At first, it was believed that the Worsley man's death could have been part of a ritual, instead of an accidental death. During the studies done on the head, it was evident that this man lived sometime around 120 AD, in which he would be identified as a Romano-British Celt. This study was accomplished by looking at the condition of the tooth pulp, and a radiocarbon dating of a fragment of this preserved soft tissue indicated that he was from this era. With this method he was also identified as being around 20-30 years old. After heavier forensic analysis, it was discovered that in fact this man was not a part of a ritual killing, but instead part of a vicious group attack, where he was beaten over the head with a heavy blade, and then garotted and decapitated.


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