Weerdinge Men
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Weerdinge Men
Age Died somewhere between 160BC to 220BC
Sex Both mummies are male
Status Displayed at the Drents Museum
Culture Early European (Possibly)
Current Location
Catalog #


These two bog mummies were found in Bourtanger Moor, The Netherlands in 1904 by Hilbrand Gringhuis. Originally thought to be a man and a women, they were given the names Darby (the male) and Joan. It was soon discovered that these two mummies were, in fact, both male. Radiocarbon dating indicated that they died around 160-220 BC, a more exact timeframe is unknown.


The Weerdinge Men were mummified in a bog, therefore, the skin is preserved in it's form. The chemicals found in the particular bog in which they were mummified destroyed all DNA evidence. This ruined any chance of seeing if they were related.


The better preserved of the two Weerdinge Men had a large gash in his chest, through which his intestines spilled out. This could indicate a ritualistic killing. Strabo, a Roman historian, recounts tales of Iron Age Europeans attempting to divine the future by "reading entrails." The cause of death of the other Weerdinge Man is unknown.

Additional InfoEdit

It is possible that they were prisoners of war.

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