Vissarion Korkoliakos
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Vissarion Korkoliakos, Vissarion Korkoliacos
Age 83
Sex Male
Status Orthodox Monk
Culture Greek
Date(s) 1908-1991
Site Agathonos Monastery
Current Location
Location Agathonos Monastery, Fthiotida, Greece
Catalog #


Vissarian Korkoliacos became a Greek Orthodox monk sometime in his teens and was highly regarded in his community near Lamia in central Greece. He became well known in March 2006 when his tomb was opened and his body was revealed to still be in pristine condition. Four physicians as well as an Athens pathologist were unable to explain why the monk's body had not decomposed after fifteen years in his tomb. Christians believed that this phenomena was proof of the monks sainthood. However, scientists argued that he was accidentally mummified but were unable to come up with any scientific proof to back up this claim.


Vissarian Korkoliacos was naturally mummified but the cause of his mummification is currently unknown. It is believed by members of the Orthodox community that his preservation is a sign from God. Lack of oxygen and the dry natural of his tomb have been suggested as possible nonreligious explanations.



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