Vilnius Child Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) unknown
Age approx. 2-4 at time of death
Sex unknown
Date(s) death c. 1643-1665

exhumation 2015

Site Dominican Church of the Holy Spirit Crypt in Vilnius, Lithuania
Current Location
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Catalog #


Little is known about the Vilnius Child Mummy. The remains were found in a crypt beneath the Dominican Church of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius, Lithuania.


The Vilnius mummies, including the Vilnius Child, were naturally dried. In other words, no formal drying process was employed in order to mummify the remains. The mummies have a good level of soft tissue preserved from their mummification. The air flow pattern in the crypt is thought to have a role in the preservation of the remains, as when it was altered, the mummies began to decompose.



Like 15 other mummies from the 23 total mummies found in the crypt, the Vilnius Child's remains are only partially intact. The body consists of a pelvis and legs, with well-preserved soft tissue from which DNA can be viably extracted. Despite evidence of having been afflicted with smallpox, the mummy shows no signs of markings of illness, including pustules. The Vilnius Child is not considered to be infectious.

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