Veronica Skripetz
Human Mummy
Veronica Skripetz
Biographical Information
Name(s) Veronica Skripetz
Age 38
Sex Female
Status Widow
Culture Hungarian
Date(s) 1769 - 1807 or 1770 - 1808
Site Santa Ana, California, USA
Current Location
Location Domincan Church of Vác, Hungary
Catalog #


Skripetz lived somewhere in Hungary in the early 19th century. She was born in either 1769 or 1770, and died in 1808 or 1807 of tuberculosis. Skripetz gave birth to three children over the course of her life, none of whom lived past three including a son named Johannes (aged 1) who was similarly mummified. She was wed to a man named Michael Orlovits, a miller who died at age 41, leaving Skripetz a widow at the age of 36. Though she remarried at some point after her first husbands death, Skripetz herself died shortly afterwards at 38.

Skripetz, her child, and first husband were among a collection of more than 250 mummies discovered in a secret crypt in the Domincan Church of Vác, Hungary.



Researchers at Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, California determined that Veronica Skripetz died of tuberculosis after undergoing CT scans.

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