Biography Edit


Side-view of Usermontu mummy in museum case

Usermontu - meaning "Powerful is Montu" is a well preserved Egyptian mummy from the upper-class that is approximately 5 feet tall (1.5 m) and is a natural redhead. In the 1970s the Rosicrucian museum

Usermontu knee

X-ray of Usermontu's left knee

obtained the coffin and found out afterword that a mummy was still inside. Investigations found later that the mummy is not the original owner of the sarcophagus, it was intended to be for a priest named Usermontu, and long after death this mummy was placed inside the coffin.

Health Edit

In August 1995, and x-ray was performed on the mummy which found that it has previously undergone a sophisticated procedure in which a orthopaedic pin had been inserted into the left knee. From the x-ray alone it was thought that the pin was a modern addition in order to keep the body parts in tact because of how advanced the surgical procedure was from 2,600 years before. Further investigations found that the pin was inserted before the death of the mummy, becoming the first case of orthopaedic implant.

References Edit

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