Unknown Mummy Found in Detroit Garage
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Undetermined
Age n/a
Sex n/a
Status n/a
Height n/a
Culture Undetermined
Date(s) Discover: December 2016
Site 19900 block of Spencer, Detroit
Current Location
Location Detroit, Michigan
Catalog #


On the afternoon of Thursdays, December 24th, in the back of an old a filthy Plymouth Acclaim- a mummified body was discovered.[1] The body was discovered by a potential homeowner who was inspecting the garage. Police arrived quickly to the scene, and acquired a statement from the current tenants, who stated that they had nothing to do with the body as they were told by the actual homeowners to not go into the garage, put anything in the garage, or to use the garage.


The body, which was found wearing pants, a shirt, and a sweater, was badly decomposed[2]. It had reached such an advanced state of decomposition that exposed tissue had turned brown, looking very similar to tanned leather.[3], precludes a conventional autopsy, even obscuring whether the person was male or female, Jackson said. and found wearing pants, a shirt, and a sweater. The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office stated that the body appeared to have been there for years. Because of the poor state of the body, Medical Examiner's elicited the help of an anthropologist from the University of Michigan to assist in the investigation and determine the age, sex, and manner of death of the unknown individual.

Additional InfoEdit

Nearby resident were questioned, and many were completely flabbergasted that anything like this could have happened in there neighbourhood. One women, only giving the name Cookie, said that she was shocked to hear of the discovery and has no idea whose body it could be. She added that until the week prior to the body's discovery, she had never even seen the garage open or noticed any sort of potent smells deriving from inside.[4]


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