|image =

|name = Unknown Man E

|age = Young man

|sex = Male

|status = Unknown

|height = 5’3

|culture = Unknown

|dates = June 1886

|site = (unknown)

|location = Valley of the kings

|catalogue = (unknown)



Unknown man e was a young man and his age is still unknown. Some people believe that he is the prince that was sent to Egypt to marry the widow of Tutankhamen because this prince was murdered on the border of Egypt.


Unknown man e was found in a royal burial cache in 1881. He was wrapped in a sheepskin and buried in an unmarked coffin. He was also lying next to the greatest kings and queens of Egypt.


All of the people who saw the unknown man e thought he looked as through he had been poisoned. The contraction of the abdomen and stomach, the desperate movement with which the head is thrown back, the expression of excruciating pain spread over the face hardly allow for any other explanation.


Another explanation that people have come up with is that the unknown man e was an important personage who diedabroad, perhaps on a military campaign in a region with limited knowledge of,or access to, mummification technology.


Unknown Man E small1

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