Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ukok Princess
Age NA
Sex female
Status dead
Height NA
Culture Siberian
Date(s) 500 BC
Site Novosibirsk
Current Location
Location Siberia
Catalog #


The Altai Mountains are a mysterious place, even today. And one famous archaeological discovery is this mummy, the Siberian Ice Maiden, better known as the Ukok Princess. Kept at an institute in Novosibirsk since her discovery, this 2,500-year-old lady (she actually died in her mid to late twenties) is especially well known for her stunning tattoos, which are said to be the most elaborate of their kind anywhere on Earth.

But not everyone was happy about the disinterment of the Ukok Princess – who was most likely a shaman – from her icy tomb. Altai locals believe that there have been many disastrous consequences since she was removed, including forest fires, earthquakes, illnesses, and suicides.

Scientists, on the other hand, believe that what they have gained from these remains is priceless historical knowledge. A compromise has been reached and the mummy will now be returned to the Altai, albeit to a museum where she will continue to be studied. Yet the specter of a curse still looms, even among the team who made the discovery, members of which have apparently experienced nightmares and a near helicopter crash.




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