Tuli Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Tuli Mummy
Age 50+
Sex Male
Culture Sotho-Tswana or Khoesan
Date(s) 300 years ago
Site unknown
Current Location
Location Botswana
Catalog #


The first mummy to be ever dug up in Botswana, the Tuli Mummy hails from the Tuli region, and is of significant importance due to being the first CT scanned and first successful ancient DNA extraction mummy.


The process of which the Tuli mummy was mummified is not in accordance to Zimbabwe ethnographic literature. Instead of the body being dried out over a fire and later wrapping in leather, the body was naturally dried out due the region's dry climate and was laid in his grave at the base of a cliff. His fetal position indicates he was not purposefully mummified.


Organs were degenerated and shown no signs of trauma. Died of osteophyte along the spine.

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