Tollund Man

Tollund Man is a man who lived during 4th c. BCE. On may 6th, 1950, two brothers were cutting pea in the Bjaeldskov bog, when they came upon a body that was so well preserved, thought it was a recent death of a person. upon closer examination, they realized that it was actually a miraculously preserved man from 4th century BCE.

Upon examination, there was still minute details of eyelashes, chin stubble, skin, and very will kept wrinkles.. The Tollund man was thought o be around 40 years of age at his time of death, at a height of a little over 5 feet tall.

It is thought that the Tollund man was a sacrifice to the gods, then was placed in a peat bog which preserved him very well.

When he was found, he was in what looked like to be put in a sleeping position, which is why he is thought to be a sacrifice, because this would not have been done for criminals or others of regular deaths.


After his death, The Tollund man was put into a peat bog. A peat bog is a wet land that accumulates peat, which is dead animal parts. When the Tollund man was submerged into the muddy bog, The mud and dead plant matter helped mummify his body to almost perfectly preserve his body. They were even able to identify his last meal, which was porridge made from over 40 different kinds of seeds. The perfect mummification of this mans body over such a long period of time is what makes him so interesting.


The time that the Tollund Man was buried was around the iron ages. During this time, they would cremate their dead as their mortuary ritual, though the Tollund Man was submerged into a bog, which is why it was thought to be a sacrificial burial. They often this with their elders as well.


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