Tocharian Child
Takla Makan Mummy Child
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age ~1 year
Sex male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Afanasevo
Date(s) 1800 BCE
Site Tomb 2
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # Unknown

The Takla Makan mummies, found in the Xinjiang region (once referred to as the Tarim Basin) of China in the late 1980's, date from 1800 BCE. Though found in the Chinese desert, they possess Nordic/European features and had reddish-blond hair. The child mummy was found in a tomb amongst others.


The male child is believed to be one year of age, and found in "tomb 2" with two other older females. The child is believed to have been a sacrificial victim, and was buried alive.


The arid desert helped preserve the body; the hot and dry climate most likely dried out the body (seeing as the child was buried alive).


While not specifically conducted on the child, many sought the reason as to why the Tocharians settled/existed in the area they did and where their origin lay.


Additional Info.Edit


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