Burial Edit

Tjuyu was buried along with her husband in the Valley of the Kings. She was born in Akhmim, Egypt. Their tomb was discovered in 1905 by workers. She was a well known mummy because of her extravagant tomb along with being the mother of a future queen; Tiye. Tjuyu’s tomb was discovered prior to her great grandson’s King Tutankhamun and was extremely well known. When workers discovered it in 1905 it was apparent that it had been broken into several times after it had been sealed, but, what they found was a plethora of immaculate funeral equipment unlike any they had seen before. Within the tomb, they discovered various coffins, golden masks, a golden chariot fit for royalty, jewelry boxes with ivory and gold inscriptions, various intricately engraved chairs and so much more.

Mummification Edit

It is believed that Tjuyu died at a different time than her husband, specifically much later. Along with her husband, Tjuyu was found in a great state of preservation despite the apparent robbery of the tomb. Material was found under her eyelids in an attempt to portray artificial eyes. Her arms were also positioned in such a way that was rare at the time; with her arms outstretched, palms up on her thighs. And as Tjuyu was thought to be quite old when she died, she was almost bald.

Biography Edit

Tjuyu was known by many names and titles, some of which include; Thuya, Thuyu, Tuyu, Singer of the Hathor, and Chief of the Entertainers. She was married to Yuya a courtier in Ancient Egypt. Together they were believed to have three children. Their daughter Tiye eventually became the Great Royal Wife to a very powerful person; Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Yuya and Tjuyu also had a son Anen who was a Chancellor of Lower Egypt and is referred to as the Divine Father. Although only speculated, they were also believed to be the parents to Ay. Although Ay’s parentage is largely uncertain, he became a pharaoh throughout his lifetime known as Akhenaten.  There is evidence that suggests the Tjuyu died in her 50s in 1375BC.


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