Tjeby the Elder
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Tjeby the Elder
Age 35-40
Sex Male
Status Worked as official in government
Height 178cm (5′10″)
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) 1956 BC to 1870 BC
Site Naga ed-Deir
Current Location
Location Melbourne Museum
Catalog #

Biography Edit

Tjeby the Elder, or simply Tjeby, is an Ancient Egyptian Mummy. He was found in 1923, buried with another man, who is believed to be his son. They were buried in Naga ed-Deir which is a cemetery in Egypt. He lived on the East Bank of the Nile, and it is believed that he was a government official for the most part of his life. He is buried in a modest tomb, which indicates that he was not to wealthy as the wealthier were typically mummified and buried in fancy, elaborate manners. It is not known how he died.

Mummification Edit

The body of Tjeby was wrapped in linen, a type of cloth, and his chest was covered with plaster with a floral collar. Tjeby's head was covered in mud in order to portray his facial features.

Studies Edit

In order to preserve the state of the mummy, the museum did not remove the bandages. Instead they used x-ray machines to examine the body and what lies beneath the bandages.


Additional InfoEdit

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