Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Tjeby
Age 35-40
Sex Male
Status Government official
Height 178 cm
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Buried approximately 4000 years ago. Discovered in 1923.
Site Sheikh Farag, upper Egypt
Current Location
Location Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, US
Catalog #


Tjeby was an Egyptian man who lived approximately 4000 years ago. His mummy was discovered in 1923. The inscriptions on his coffin tell us that he was a government official. Owing to this, his tomb was not ornate.


In his coffin, Tjeby's head was turned to face the east. This may have had some religious significance.



Tjeby getting ready for a CT scan

In 2013, a CT scan was conducted on Tjeby's mummy in an attempt to discover Tjeby's precise age, diet and cause of death.


Tjeby's teeth show a lot of wear. The cause of his death is unknown.

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'He's the ideal patient': Tjeby the 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy gets a CT scan

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