The Wet Mummy


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Mummy discovered during construction project in China of 2012.

The Wet Mummy was a unique case because it was dscovered by accident. During a construction project in China of 2012, a construction worker accidently dug up a national treasure. 


The Wet Mummy was a five foot tall woman was fully clothed and buried with many fine pieces of jewelry including a silver hairpin that still held her hair in place and a huge jade ring on her finger. On her wooden coffin was a simple silver medallion known as an Exorcism Coin placed there to protect the body from evil spirits. She has been submerged for 600 years in a water logged coffin, a remarkably preserved Ming Dynasty mummy was discovered not in some rural village or a long lost mountainside crypt but in the center of town during a construction project. 


The mummy has been transported to Taizhou Museum for study.


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