I am the mummy of a man living in the Egyptian city of Thebes during the Ptolemaic period, which by modern reckoning lasted from 332 to 30 BCE. 

Organization: Redpath Museum, McGill University



Address: 859 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC H3A 0C4

Region: Montreal

Contact: Barbara Lawson, Curator of world cultures barbara.lawson(a)

Description: Egyptian mummy in its open sarcophagus.

Year made: 332-30 BCE, Ptolemaic Period

Made by: Unknown

Materials/Medium: Mummified human remains and wrapping

Colours: Dark brown with buff coloured wrapping

Provenance: Thebes, Egypt

Size: 1.56 m long

Photos: (1-2) Torsten Bernhardt, Redpath Museum, McGill University. (3) Rachel Garber. (4) Photograph by glass lantern slide, Mummy Cases, Natural History Society Museum, Montreal, QC, about 1900. © McCord Museum. MP-0000.25.236