The mummy of Irtyru
Human Mummy
2006 H2641 6

The Mummy Of Irtyru on sale in 1960

Biographical Information
Name(s) The Mummy Of Irtyru
Age approx. 30 years old
Sex female
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) discovered 1789, early 22nd Dynasty (about 900 BC).
Site Alexandria
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog #

==Biography==The mummy of Irtyru was purchased in Paris in 1825 by John Bowes Wright (1780-1836) of Haydon Bridge in Northumberland. The mummy was unwrapped and examined by three Newcastle surgeons (Thomas Michael Greenhow, John Baird and Sir John Fife) in 1830. Irt-irw dates to the early 22nd Dynasty (about 900 BC).

==Mummification== The Y-shaped incision in her stomach dates from the post mortem carried out then. Bandages weighing 22.5 kg were removed but contained no amulets. The examination revealed that her brain and internal organs were not removed before embalming.



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