The Zagreb Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Zagreb Mummy
Age Mid 30s
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Etruscan tribe
Date(s) Third century BC
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog #


The Zagreb Mummy was purchased by Mihajlo Baric in Alexandria in 1848 and later brought to Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Croatia. The mummy was wrapped in famous linen material, known as Liber Linteus (Latin for ‘Linen Book’). It wasn’t until 1867 that a German Egyptologist Heinrich Brugsh noticed the writings on the linen wrappings. In 1891, the linen wrapping was sent to Vienna and the writing was concluded to be written in Etruscan text. It was thought that the Zagreb Mummy was a wealthy Etruscan who fled to Egypt, sometime during third century B.C.


The young woman was well preserved before her burial. Her body was wrapped in linen wrappings with writing in Etruscan text on it. The body was also accompanied by an example of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, known as Papyrus Zagred 602.


Based on the preserved part, it was concluded that the body belonged to Nesi-Khons, wife of a priest of the god Khun.


Additional InfoEdit

Liber Linteus in the wrappings may be explained as a part of the Etruscan burian custom.

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