The Woman of Skrydstrup
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 18-19
Sex female
Culture Danish
Date(s) 1300 BC
Site Skrydstrup, Southern Jetland
Current Location
Location Denmark
Catalog #


The Woman from Skrydstrup was found in a grave burial in Skrydstrup, Southern Jetland (c. 1300 BC.). Her name was never known.


The was was laid in a coffin. She was wearing a short-sleeve blouse. Embroideries covered the sleeves and a belt covered her from the waist down along with a horn comb. The woman's hair was all combed forward over a hair pad. The hairdo was covered with a hairnet made out of horse hair. There were also large spiral gold rings by both ears.


She died at the age of 18-19 and was buried around the summertime.

Additional InfoEdit

A settlement was found near the site of the grave. It contained a prehistorical Danish house which was presumed to be the Skrydstrup woman's house. The house was 50m long and 10m wide. This finding presumed that the Skrydstrup woman came from a family of wealth.


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