The Unknown Man E
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Unknown Man E
Age estimated around 23-24 years of age
Sex Male
Status Mummified
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) c. 1518-1504 B.C.
Site Cairo Museum CG61098
Current Location
Location Ancient Egypt
Catalog #


Was discovered in 1886 by Gaston Maspero. He was wrapped in sheep skin, with all of his organs still remaining in him. The assumption was made that he got embalmed quickly. A theory that arose was that he was buried alive. It was also questioned that he may have been burned alive. He had died after ingesting some kind of convulsant poison.


Embalmed quickly. Sheep skin was used as a shroud which beneath was a layer of natron that was applied to a second layer of bandages. This natron absorbed fat from his body which caused a strong odor. The natron was covered in an adhesive substance which could only be removed with a saw.

Additional InfoEdit

His internal organs were not removed after his death therefore slowly shrinking under the dehydrating effect of the chemicals and consequently constricted the abdominal area. There was also evidence he had no food in his digestive system, concluding that he was poisoned since he could of voided all remaining foods by vomitting after the ingestion of the substance. He was also theorized that he may have been buried alive from performing a terrible crime. Unknown E man was also found to have been of a high social rank due to how he was buried and the coffin he remained in.

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