The Plomo Mummy Edit

The Plomo Mummy
Human Mummy
File:Http://ño del cerro El Plomo 3a.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Plomo Mummy, also known as Boy of El Plomo, El Plomo Mummy, or La Momia del Cerro El Plomo
Age Young child (Approx. 8 years)
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Inca
Date(s) Deceased for 500 years
Site El Plomo Mountain, Cerro El Plomo (in the Chilean Andes)
Current Location
Location Museum of Natural History in Santiago, Chile
Catalog # Unknown

The Incas came from as far South as Santiago. They considered the Plomo Mountain as a holy place, with high altitude. One day, a man working on the mountain had a dream about a boy who was once buried on the mountain. The dream told him the exact location to find the body. The next day, him and his nephew dug into the snow, in the exact location and found the mummy which is now known as the Plomo Mummy.


In 1954, an arriero and his nephew on the Chile's El Plomo Mountain discovered the mummy of a young Inca boy. Experts believed that the boy was used as a sacrifice It was the first frozen mummy discovered of a high-altitude sacrifice by the Incas, a practice called qhapaq hucha.

During the time of his discovery, the group of climbers took removed him from the site he was discovered to a cave 4000 metres above sea level. They hid him there for over a month while negotiating the sale with the Museum of Natural History at which it currently resides.

When first excavated, the body weighed about 35 kilos, but after removing it weighed 15 kilos. As they were carrying the body down, the child began to leak oil and blood from his ears. This may suggest that the child was still alive, yet frozen.


The Incas during this time had discovered that when 5000 metres above sea level is the perfect altitude in which the body freezes rather than decomposing. The body at 5000 metres does not suffer from normal deterioration, therefore preserving the body to what it looks like today. The conditions of the mountain, as well as the extremely cold and dry air help to keep away microbes that normally cause the body to deteriorate.

The head of the department of Anthropology at the Museum of Natural History says that the child was drugged with coca before being buried alive. He suffered no paint.

Additional Info

During his discovery, the body can be described as possibly not a mummy at all, but a frozen boy. He had not been embalmed, and had his organs intact and the outward appearance of a normal child. He had features such as feet, face and a mouth, eyes with lashes, a forehead and a nose and a head with hair that is braided. He was lying on his legs and his hands supported his knees, similarily to the fetal position. After examing the remains, forensic experts determined that the child had Type O blood type, among many other things.

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