The Nederfrederiksmose Man
Human Mummy
Nederfrederiksmose Man
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Nederfrederiksmose Man
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 170-190cm
Culture Middle-Age Danish
Date(s) 12th-13th Century
Site Fattiggårdens Moses, Denmark
Current Location
Location Old Norse Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Catalog # none


The Nederfrederiksmose Man was found north of Silkeborg, Denmark on May 25th, 1898 in the Fattiggårdens moses. Two workers found the body with a peat spade while working in the bog. All work was halted, and the authorities were contacted. The body was found wearing a Bronze Age style cloak and a pair of leather lace-up 12-13th century style boots. In 1998, the National Museum of Denmark carbon-dated the clothing. Due to his burial-like position, and lack of nearby settlement, it was proposed that he may have been involved in a major battle in the area (the battle of Grathe Heath).


The Nederfrederiksmose Man was found well preserved in a bog. Generally, the chemical composition and properties of a bog will decay the bones but preserve the soft tissues creating a leathery human corpse. The Nederfrederiksmose man was found lying on his back with his left eyeball and both ears preserved. He was also found with a full beard and long hair. His nails and skeleton were intact, along with other soft tissues; however, the inner organs were not identifiable.


Since the discovery of this bog body, many studies have been done on his clothing at the National Museum of Denmark, most recently in 1998.


The body was found with torn skin and a broken right tibia accompanied by a callus knot. It was suspected, but never proven, that he was a passerby who fell into the marshes. Experts also suggest that because of his orientation in the ground, he was involved in a major battle and was buried there.

Additional InfoEdit

The Nederfrederiksmose Man was the first bog body to be photographed in its place of discovery.

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