The Maunula Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Manula mummy
Age 55 years old (at death) would be 77 years old (today)
Sex male
Status N/A
Culture Finnish
Site Found in apartment in Manula, Helsinki
Current Location
Location Honkanummi cemetery
Catalog #


He was born in 1938 in Helsinki, Finland. He had lived alone for most of his life however he was married for some time and had a couple girlfriends in which he lived with. With his former wife he had 2 children. He never did have a good relationship with his father and ended up losing his mother in the middle of the 1950's which hit him hard. He ended up dropping out of school and was known for being very anxious to move around and constantly busy as it said that he moved house to house quite often.

However, he did commit several theft crimes which got him thrown into prison for most of the 1960's. After a hard sentence in prison, he had had enough and found a way to escape. But his troubles didn't end there; he found himself living alone in the apartment alone in which he would later die in. He relied heavily on support from the social bureau on anything that required dealing with money. Later he was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction.

He would not be found by the building maintenance staff until 6 years later on his bed in April 2000.


His mummification was due to dry air and good air conditioning within his apartment. Plus the factor that he had been left in that environment for 6 years or so.

Additional InfoEdit

The Maunula mummy caused alot of uproar in the public eye about lonely people and how they could possibly be helped or how to prevent certain events such as this from happening again. Not to mention, there was debate on whether the social bureau should have checked to see if he was okay or if it was his right to be left alone to live out his life however he wanted without being checked on.


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