The Lime Lady
Human Mummy
The Lime Lady
An artistic rendering of what the "Lime Lady" might have looked like at the time of her death.
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown legal name

Also known as "The Lime Lady"

Age 18-25 years
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height Estimated 168cm
Culture American Caucasian
Date(s) Body discovered in 1980
Site North Canadian River
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # 4897


This unidentified woman, otherwise known as the "Lime Lady", was found on a bank of the North Canadian River, east of Jones, Oklahoma, in April of 1980 by a group of fishermen.

The Lime Lady was a victim of murder, as she was shot three times in the chest and was left in the forested area surrounding the North Canadian River. She remained in the area for approximately 10 days after her death before being discovered.


In efforts to dispose of her body, the woman's killers covered her with a chemical substance named quicklime, otherwise known as calcium oxide. Instead of eroding the body, however, the quicklime mummified her.


Investigators used DNA samples from the mummified body to create a DNA profile to assist in discovering her identity. Regardless of these efforts, a match of her genetic profile with one of a missing person was not made. Therefore, her identity remains unknown.


Disease did not play a role in the death of this young woman, as she was killed by three gunshot wounds.

Additional InfoEdit

Upon examanation, experts found that she had a horizontal Pfannenstiel scar, measuring 4cm by 1cm, on her lower abdomen. She was also missing her appendix, and examiners ruled out that she had gotten it removed during an appendectomy, which would have resulted in the scar.

She had a red and blue coloured heart-shaped tattoo above her left breast.

Her case remains unsolved.

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