The Lady of Cao
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Lady of Cao
Age Mid twenties
Sex Female
Status The first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru to be discovered
Height Unknown
Culture Moche
Date(s) Discovered in 2006
Site El Brujo(a ruin near the town of Trujillo)
Current Location
Location La Libertad Region of Peru (45 km north of Trujillo)
Catalog #


The Lady of Cao is also known as the mystery of the tattooed mummy.  She is the first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru to be discovered.  She was discovered in 2006, and is about 1700 years old.  Even though she was only in her mid twenties it was found that she borne at least one child.  She was also heavily covered in tattoos of scorpions and spiders.


The mummification process started at the peak of the temple where many bloody sacrifices were preformed.  The body was wrapped in layers  of cotton cloth, entombed in thick courses of adobe.   The body was also covered in cinnabar and a red mineral. The dry climate helped desiccate her body. 


The lady of Cao was believed to have lived from 1700 years ago.  They discovered her in 2006.  


The cause of death was never determined but it was suspected that she died due to complications due to childbirth.  Which was very sudden and unexpected.   

Additional InfoEdit

The mummy was not only found with jewelry and but also clubs and swords which signifies that she held some sort of power in Peru.  Anthropologist also discovered a teenage body that was used for sacrifice.

References Edit

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