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Biography Edit

In 1972, a frozen tomb was found in Qilakitsoq that held eight Eskimo mummies. The cause of the death is still unclear. It was stated that accidental drowning could have been a likely cause, but there is no evidence to support this statement.

Mummification Edit

The children were freeze dried in the cold temperature and were a family. The bodies of three women were heavily tattooed and were dressed in over 78 pieces of skins and fur. On top of them was a young boy, that was also heavily dressed. As well as, an 6-month year old infant on top of his mother. They were all buried alive. 

Studies Edit

Since the mumies were found several years later, Carbon Dating was used to know when the tomb was placed. It was found that the tomb was placed in 1460, which made them the oldest mummies that were ever found in Greenland. X-rays were also done, to see if any family members suffered from any diseases. 

Pathology Edit

Additional Information Edit

The infant was said to be buried alive because of ancient Inuit customs. The young boy's face had distinct features that showed that he had down syndrome

References Edit

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