The Dog Mummy

|species = Dog

|age = Unknown

|sex = Unknown

|breed = Unknown, presumably a feral mix

|culture = Egypt

|discovered = June 2015

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The culture in Ancient Egypt viewed different distinct gods very highly. They believed by worshiping and giving their graces to these Idols that they would be favored. This favor would hopefully be shown in different aspects of their life such as having good crops and successful relationships.

One of the more well known gods was called Anubis, and he was depicted as being half man, with the notable head of a jackal. The catacombs next to his temple contain many dogs and puppies sometimes sacrificed or buried there to pay respects. In the midst of an every day marketplace, there would have been breeders of dogs for specifically this reason.

Likely this dog would have been killed after only a few hours or days after birth. They weren't actually killed as there was no evidence of injury or broken necks, so most likely they would have been taken from their mothers and died from a lack of food an water. Rarely would they be given elaborate ritualized burials. However, it would not have been the focus as primarily they would have been interested in expressing their gratitude and love towards Anubis.


Unfortunately prior to modern day research as well as various other activities, the mummies have since disintegrated or have been damaged by grave robbers. This practice was well tied in with their culture's economy. It supported them socially as well as their beliefs about their after life. By mummifying dogs it was an extension of their values and ideals. In comparison, members of the community with status would mummify and bury their cats because they were considered honorable descendants of the most high.

One of the discoverers, Nicholson, had this to say, “There is no natural light once you’ve gone into the forepart of the catacomb, and beyond that everything has to be lit with flashlights. It’s really quite a spectacular thing.”

The catacombs were likely built in the fourth century B.C. and were made out of common stone for that time period. Additionally there were many other mummified dogs too. Inside the mummies of some other different animals like cats, foxes, and falcons were found; but they were less than 10% of the total mummies found.

Additional InfoEdit

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Picture of the mummy:

Picture of the tomb where the other mummies were found:

Picture of where exactly they were found:


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