The Diva Mummy
Human Mummy
The Lady Dai properly known as Xin Zhui
The Lady Dai properly known as Xin Zhui
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Lady Dai
Age died about 2,200 years ago
Sex female
Status Worlds best preserved mummy
Culture Chinese
Current Location
Location China
Catalog #


In the year of 1972, during the cultural revolution in China, workers were digging shelters in the city of Changsha and stumbled upon and ancient tomb. This enormous tomb enclosed a perfectly preserved 2000 year old mummy, now known as Xin Zhui, the wife of wife of Li Cang.


Decades later, scientists around the world are still wondering how someone had the knowledge to preserve her body properly to last 2000 years. One archeologists explained that he would have been impressed to know her body has only been preserved for 100 years; thus making 2000 years jaw dropping.

Xin's body, when found, still had soft skin, hair attached to her head, eyelashes in tact and limbs still in mint condition.

This new discover posed a huge question, how did someone with such an insignificant amount of technology than what is accessible now make this possible? Initially it looked like fate; however, in 19.. 300km north, Chinese archaeologists found another mummy in the same condition, perfectly preserved as Xin Zhui.



Pathologists when examining the body, reported finding numerous 2000 year old melon seed still undigested sitting in her stomach. Which in perspective takes the living body an hour to digest, helping the scientists determine she passed shortly after snacking on melon.

Still to this day pathologists have not determine how she was able to stay preserved for so long but they do have a couple clues and theories.

Additional InfoEdit

The show, Beauty of Han Dynasty is a show that was created in honour our Xin's perfectly mummified body. The show is described as a lovely story about her life with her husband Li Chang as she lived in luxury and attended many parties.

The tomb Xin was found is has been buried somewhere in China. In it was pieces of her silk wardrobe and miniature wooden figures that people believe is a representation of her servants and the luxurious life she lives.

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