The Basket Maker Mummies
Biographical Information
Name(s) Basket Maker Mummies
Age N/A
Status N/A
Height 5ft-5.5ft
Culture Basketmaker culture
Date(s) 1500 B.C.- A.D. 500
Site Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
Current Location
Location Penn Museum
Catalog #


The Basket Maker mummies were found in 1889 in what is currently known as Mesa Verde National Park. These mummies came from a Native group known as Anasazi people. According to the scientists, the reason they are called "basket maker" mummies is due to their culture of making and using a lot of baskets. These mummies are up to 1500 years to 2000 years old. They were found in a unique condition in the caves. They were wrapped in blankets or furs.  However, it is unclear as to why they were covered like that and for what purpose.

Mesa Verde Park



They were mummified due to the environmental conditions in the cave.According to the scientists, it was very warm there and that caused them to be mummified. It is unclear how they died. 

Additional InfoEdit

The Anasazi people were known for their culture of basket making and they had done that for many generations. On the archaeological site approximately 2000 baskets were found. They made their own accessories such as necklaces, bracelets with stones, shells and wore them. 

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