Tenahaha Mummies
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Tenahaha Mummies
Age Varies (ranges from fetuses to older adults)
Sex Varies
Status Mummified
Height Varies
Culture Wari
Date(s) 800 to 1000 A.D.
Site Cotahuasi Valley
Current Location
Location Peru
Catalog # Unknown


Great deal of mummies were found in burial pits dating from 800 A.D. Anthropologists speculate that there are at least 171 found in the burial pits. Many were found in Peru, specifically in the Cotahuasi Valley.


After death and before rigor mortis started, the person(s) would have their knees up to their shoulders. They would also had their arms wrapped around their chest, like they were crossed-armed. They would then be bound by ropes and would have lots of material wrapped around them before being buried.

The youngest mummies , normally infants, would be buried in jars.


Since it is relatively new and they are located in a remote place, it hasn't been extensively studied on yet.


It is not clear if the mummies died of natural causes or diseases or infections.

Additional InfoEdit

These mummies were not in good condition. Many of the mummies are in pieces because of water and rodents. In some areas, some of the mummies were intentionally taken apart but is still not understood why some are in this shape.

There were also some pottery and other burial objects found with them. The pottery were decorated with drawings of happy faces which were very different from other Wari culture pottery that normally had depictions of violence.

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