Tattooed Sudanese Woman
Human Mummy
Mummy-tattoo 2860581c
Biographical Information
Name(s) Sudanese Woman
Age 20-35 years old
Sex Female
Status Local
Height 5 ft 2 inches
Culture Sudanese
Date(s) 700 A.D
Site Ancient Cemetery
Current Location
Location Sudan
Catalog #


The mummy of a woman was discovered during an excavation conducted along the Banks of the Nile River in Northern Sudan. The site was considered an ancient burial ground. The womans remains are thought to have accidentally become mummified and that she was not intentionally preserved.

The characteristic that sets the womans remains apart from other mummies is a tattoo marking found on her inner thigh. The tattoo "MIXAHA", inked in Greek letters spells the word "Michael" and the symbol was previously seen only in the archeological remains of ancient church and religious sites.

The tattoo is considered as reference to the Arch Angel Michael and was a huge symbol in the early stages of the spread of Christianity. The woman is thought to have been part of a select few Sudanese people in her time and community who might have converted to the Christian faith.

The unique tattoo finding is considered so rare as it is the only evidence of tattoos her period.


The forces behind the mummification of the Sudanese woman are thought to be the dryness and extreme heat of the desert area she was buried in. There was no evidence found that indicated her remains were mummified intentionally and therefore it is concluded she was preserved accidental by natural forces.


The woman's mummified remains were studied and are going to be displayed in the British Museum in London. She will be included in an exhibition along with 8 other mummies who are part of a study designed to reveal the human charatceristics of mummies and make them and their lives relatable to every humans, as imposed to just being seen as ancient relics. The exhibition will be titled "Ancient Lives: New Discoveries."


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