Tanwa Child mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Child Mummy Tanwa
Age 5 years old estimated via a CT scan looking at her teeth
Sex female
Status child
Height about 40 inches
Culture Roman
Date(s) unknown
Current Location
Location University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Catalog # E16234


==Mummification== she is from the Ptolemaic Period. Her name gives an indication of multiculturalism of the time period where 2 languages are incorporated in unison in her name (Greek and Demotic). Her name also incorporates the Egyptian goddess, Iwnyt, while her father’s name has the name of a Greek god, Hermes. She is wrapped in linen bandages all over.



Interesting fact about Tanwa is that her name is written close her feet in the linen wrapping in ink written in Greek and Demotic. The inscription also says "Tanous (daughter of) Hermodorus". The whole mummy is laid down horizontally and is wrapped in brown linen that is wrapped around the mummy sort of loosely.

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