"Daughter of Magic God"

Biographical Information
Name(s) Tanetpahekau
Age 2500 years old
Sex Female
Status Deceased (died at 9)
Height 2'4 (234 cm)
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Died in 650 B.C
Current Location
Location College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Catalog #


Tanetpahekau is the 29-inch mummy of a 9 year old female child. Her name translates to ‘Daughter of the magic God”. Her and her coffin were donated to Holy Cross in 1896. Both her and her coffin began to deteriorate, booming fragile, but was quickly restored in 2000.


Tanetpahekau was buried in a 36 inch coffin that was painted blue, black, red, yellow and white, with her body wrapped in brown linen that was decorated with a covering with blue-green ceramic beads placed on it. The coffin was also decorated with hieroglyphics on the lid of the coffin.



There is no evidence on the body suggesting an accidental death, and researchers believe her death was due to natural causes.

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