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==Biography== The name is of this person is Tayesmutengebtiu also known as Tamut. She is a female. She is known as chantress of amun. Tamut is a high ranking priest's daughter. She died around the age of 30. She was found in Thebes, Egypt at early 22nd Dynasty, about 900 BC.Tayesmutengebtiu is 5'2 in height.

==Mummification== This mummy was wrapped in linen after the organs were removed. She was wrapped gold, blue, red coffin. Her brain was removed from her head before this process. The internal organs were also removed.

==Studies== No other studies this date.


==Pathology== There was many dental abscesses, tooth loss and tooth decay. She is known to have Atherosclerosis seen through the plaque in the arteries.

==Additional Info==

==External Links==,_new_discoveries.aspx#Tamut

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