Sulman Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Sulman Mummy
Age 27-28
Sex male
Status dead
Height NA
Culture Nubian
Date(s) 1943
Site Nubia
Current Location
Location Chatham-Kent Museum
Catalog #


The Chatham-Kent Museum has a mummy as part of its collection and, while it does not seem to fit our mandate to preserve and promote local history, the mummy does have local heritage significance. By the time the mummy was donated to the museum in 1943, it was already a local celebrity. It has remained one of the favourite artifacts in the museum collection and is the source of endless curiosity, prompting questions from people of all ages who are particularly interested in knowing who “it” was?, how “it” lived?, and perhaps most of all, what “it” looked like?




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