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|image = .jpg

|name =Sui Shaoyan

|age =60

|sex =male

|status =Unknown

|height =1.678 m

|culture =China

|dates =

|site =

|location =Phoenix Mountain 168 tombs

|catalogue = }}



The corpse was found in a coffin, in the tombs of Phoenix Mountain 168 in China. It was found placed sideways in the coffin, with no nails and no clothing. There was no hair on his body either. There was partial damage on the skin of the forehead and lower limbs. Many internal organs, including the liver, gallbladder, and several cranial nerves, were found intact. There was evidence that the deceased was suffering from a variety of diseases, including pleurisy, pericarditis, and cholecystitis.


Many internal organs were still in tact when the body was found. The mummy was found in a coffin, and was buried with many precious gems and silken fabrics.




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