Strikingly well-preserved 700-year-old Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ming Dynasty Mummy
Age Approximately 700-year old
Sex Female
Status High-rank Civilian
Height 4ft.11
Culture Ming Dynasty (China)
Date(s) 1368-1644
Current Location
Location City of Taizhou, in Jiangsu Province, Eastern China
Catalog #


Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) Mummy was discovered 2 meters below road surface. The well preserved Mummy was buried wearing a Ming Dynasty Costume along with 20 pieces of Ming Dynasty clothing, a silver hairpin on her hair, and a jade ring on her right hand. Her headgear did not have emblems of a phoenix or dragon which concluded that she was not a member of the Royal Ming Family. Although, mummification in that era suggest that she came from a rich family.


The body's well preserved state was shocking to those archaeologist at the scene. Professor Victor Mair from University of Pennsylvania believes that the boy was immersed with brown liquid that trapped out all oxygen and kept bacteria from causing body decay. It was also wrapped with jewelry and fine silks. Some believed her amazing preservation was due to the construction of the coffin.



Additional InfoEdit

Between 1979 - 2008, 5 other mummies including this one was discovered and were shockingly well preserved. The first mummy found in May 1979 caused the opening of the Museum of Taizhou. All 5 mummies can be found at that Museum although due to the inexperienced ofarchaeologist only clothing, belts, and clamps could be preserved.

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Features of the face are still visible and eyebrows are even intact!


The tomb of the 700-year-old preserved mummy


Written by Clement Cheung @ McMaster University 2017


Mummy was immersed with brown liquid


The jade ring located on her right hand

Accidental mummy

Tombs had bones, ceramics, ancient writings, and other relics.


It appears as that she only recently died! Decay had very little affect on her.

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