Mummified head of Stidsholt Woman, a bog body
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age Undetermined
Sex Female
Status Deceased, found in 1859
Height Undetermined, decapitated
Culture Unknown
Date(s) Unknown
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Copenhagen Museum in Denmark
Catalog # Unknown
The Stidholtwoman mummy, otherwise known as Stidsholtmose Woman was found in Jutland. The carbon age of the female mummy is undetermined which makes it increasingly interesting. She was discovered in 1859, when her head was decapitated with injuries to the 3rd and 4th vertebrae. Her hair was tied in a knot to which a woven band was fastened (this band no longer exists). Her expression confirms a violent death. Her death was presumed to be met by murder or religious sacri- fice. Low temperature and oxygen, and high tannins in bog waters led to the mummification.

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