Biography Edit

The mummy is nicknamed "The Crusader" and is over  800 years old. The mummy is believed to have been a male irish crusader who died sometime during the crusader in Dublin, Ireland, at the church of St. Michan. In this article the mummy is described "the true star here is the coffin set apart from the others and belonging to an 800 year old mummy called “the crusader.” Though it may be apocryphal, it is believed that he was a soldier who either died in the crusades, or returned and died shortly thereafter."[1] Following this statement it was also written that "The Crusader was quite tall for the time – six and a half feet tall, a giant back then – and his legs have been broken and folded up under him to fit him into his small coffin. His hand stretches out of the casket slightly and visitors were once encouraged to give it a shake. Today, you are still allowed to touch his hand, but only lightly on his long dead finger, lest you wrench his whole hand off."[2]

Mummification Edit

The crusader was left in a coffin without a lid, beside 3 other mummies, nicknamed "the big Four".

Additional Information Edit

"The crypt is also holds the coffins of the Sheare brothers who were executed by the British – and as was discovered recently drawn and quartered as well – for the Rising of 1798, as well as mathematician William Rowan Hamilton, the many Earls of Kenmare, and supposedly – though others claim him too – the remains of Robert Emmet, the Irish rebel killed by the British in 1803."[3]

References Edit

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