Spirit Cave Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Spirit Cave Mummy
Age Male
Sex 45
Status Nomad
Height 157cm
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 7420 BC
Site Unearthed in Mining project
Current Location
Location 14 miles east of Fallon, Nevada
Catalog #


The Spirit Cave Mummy was originally excavated in 1940 by a Nevada couple. The Mummy was then stored at Nevada State Museum in Carson City. The true time period of the mummy was not realized till 1996 when researches with new technology dated the mummy to ca. 7420 BC. This catastrophic discovery makes the Spirit Cave Mummy the oldest mummy unearthed in North America.


Found lying on blanket made from fur, dressed in traditional gear, consisting of a skin robe and leather moccasins. The body was also found with a name portion of black/red hair.



The body was found with intermittent skull fractures, and deformed, and missing teeth. Anthropolgist's confirm the presence of gum disease.

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