Sogen Kato Mummy
Sogen Kato
Sogen Kato
Biographical Information
Name(s) Sogen Kato
Age 79
Sex Male
Status Single
Height N/A
Culture Japanese
Date(s) July 22, 1899- November 1978
Current Location
Catalog #


Sogen Kato is a Buddha from Tokyo that was supposed to be recognized as one of the oldest men in Japan, however that changed when officials found his mummified body laying in his bed on what should have been his 111th birthday. His family wanted to keep his death a private matter. Officials were not aware of his death for 30 years.

Mummification Edit

Sogen Kato was mummified and kept in his bed for 30 years until he was found by officials. Above the wrapping he was dressed in his pajamas to cover the fact that he was deceased. The family tried to hide his death the best that they could.


After conducted various autopsies, the cause of death for Sogen Kato was not determined. However, it could due to natural causes such as old age, due to the age he died at.

Additional InfoEdit

It is not rare for Japanese men to isolate themselves from their families because they are ashamed of their actions or life course outcomes. Often families are unaware of the status of the men. In conclusion, the life expectancy is not documented or calculated. 


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